Celestial Sphere 天*體*運*轉

Walk to Aries Palace together

Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas
Aries Shion:泣雨(AME)
Pisces Albafica:SARA

PHOTO THX shiroin


"Albafica, a mission?"
"It has nothing to do with you."

"How many times do I have to tell you not to touch me for you to understand? "
"I'm not afraid of your blood."

"no matter how many times you"ve said it, I'll pray for your safty.
Because of that you are one of the 12 Gold Saints...
No, I'll pray for you as your friend! Don't forgot it!"

"As a friend?
Shion, you're a pure and honest man. No matter how many times I've said it, you've approached me."

"But, as long as this blood flows in my body, I can't come in contact with anyone.
I don't want any more people to die.
This terrible blood, I don't want it take away another person again."

"Albafica! Are you fine!?"
"Shin, it's almost dawn. Are you waiting for me all the time?"
"It's because...Er, I'm the man who protects first of the 12 Palaces, Aries Palace. I have to be alert always."
"The 12 Palace are far away from here."

"Don't dewell on trival things that that. Hey! Albafica, Aren't you hurt!?"

"I told you not to touch me."


"But, let's walk until Aries Palace together..."


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