Celestial Sphere 天*體*運*轉

Frozen Atlantis

Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas
Aquarius Dégel:子影
Poseidon Seraphina:SARA

Photo by 千羽 & 墮


The Gold Saint Aquarius Degel come back to Bluegard where he study how to be a Saint to search
Orichalcum of Poseidon. And he found that everything is change at Bluegard, his friend Unity became as Sea Dragon, and Unity's sister, Seraphina, became a dead body and wake up as Poseidon when Orichalcum broken.

"I'll be with you to protect the future of Bluegard togather"

+Aquarius Dégel+

+Poseidon Seraphina+

+Frozen Atlantis+

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